is for Questions

I ask a lot of questions. Sure, I’m a generally curious person, but a vast majority of the questions I ask happen on Monday nights when I host trivia at a local coffee shop. The drinks are cheap, the questions are tough and the crowd is raucous. Here are a few questions I’ve asked recently. Check back weekly for a fresh batch.

  1. In Internet terminology, what does RSS stand for?
  2. Recently, researchers in Australia developed a new warning system to alert beachgoers of a nearby shark. Using this system, by what means are beachgoers alerted?
  3. First introduced in 1966, what is the most common automobile in the world?
  4. What must a person do to become a centenarian?
  5. Roughly how many gallons of milk does a dairy cow produce per day?
  6. What 18th century poet is famous for saying “To err is human; to forgive, divine.”
  7. In what decade was Mother’s Day founded?
  8. How many pringles amount to a single serving?
  9. In Arthurian legend, Sir Galahad was the son of which knight?
  10. The “asteroid belt” in our solar system is located almost entirely between what 2 planets?

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